Are We Next?

24 Feb

Are We Next?

Gold and Silver: For When the Government Decides that What’s Yours is Actually Theirs.

The Canadian Truckers’ protest showed, in the words of columnist Eric Margolis, “that less than 100 ZZ Top look-alike truckers could hold Canada to ransom.”

That is a funny line.  But it also showed something far more diabolical.  It showed Big Brother is never far from the surface of even modern, Western governments.

It took Justine Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister who bears an uncanny resemblance to Fidel Castro, no time at all to respond to a peaceful, populist demonstration with all the heavy state artillery he could muster.

Trudeau quickly declared a martial law-like National Emergency on the flimsiest pretext.  After all, in 34 years that power has never before been invoked.  

Manitoba supporters show their support as the convoy passes through winter prairies

According to Trudeau, the protestors held “unacceptable views.”  So now the modern state gets to decide which views are acceptable?

Trudeau further claimed that the truckers “do not represent the views of Canadians.”  So said all the arms of state propaganda.  But they sure represented the votes of all the thousands who turned out in the freezing cold to support them.  Do they count for nothing in the Trudeau calculation?  And they sure as heck represented the people who quickly donated C$10 million to GoFundMe to support the truckers.  

(But then GoFundMe decided to withhold the funds.  There should be a special never-to-be-forgotten place in our memories for GoFundMe.)

The Deputy Prime Minister declared that “emergency” measures empowered the state to suspend the truckers’ insurance, and freeze truckers’ and protestors’ bank accounts without court orders.  Law enforcement began targeting people on the grounds that “they were believed to be involved” in the protests.  It wasn’t long before police on horseback waded into the crowds, one captured on video trampling on an old lady using a walker.

One case involved a single mother who donated $50 to the protestors.  That was the extent of her participation, all entirely legal.  But her ability to provide for her children was kicked to the curb when her bank account was frozen.

The lesson from this experience in Canada is that your ownership of your financial resources is fiction.  The moment it is not convenient for the state, the fiction is exposed.

“If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges,” said Ottawa’s chief of police Steve Bell.

Is this an operating manual for the Biden administration in the days to come?

What happens when our own truckers reach Washington?   

Or when people begin to protest energy prices or Bidenflation?  Or the next Deep State war that makes no sense?  What happens when people decide to drop out of the phony money and crony state game?  When the ruling classes decide to drop one of the Bill of Rights (Second Amendment, we’re looking at you)?  When Washington reneges on its debts or can’t pay Social Security recipients in money of lasting value?     

Of course, the US Constitution does not allow Washington to do the kinds of things that Trudeau and his minions did to our Canadian cousins.  But it has been a long time since anyone in government paid much attention to the Constitution.

For that matter, if the Constitution still prevailed here in the 50 states, gold and silver would still be money as the founders intended.  And we wouldn’t be in this mess of inflation and unpayable debt.  And since Congress hasn’t declared war since World War II, despite the Constitution’s clear language that it must, there wouldn’t have been an endless series of elective regime change wars that have left American buried in %30 trillion in debt.

But for now, it is up to you to protect your own wealth.  Get resources off the grid that can be frozen or nationalized when the government decides what is yours is really theirs.

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