Americans See the Light On Inflation

24 Jun

Americans See the Light On Inflation

Ronald Reagan had a great line (actually he had a lot of good lines).  He once said, “When I feel the pain, I see the light.”

The American people have been feeling plenty of pain from Biden inflation – pain at the gas pump, pain at the grocery check-out line, pain that their pay isn’t keeping up with inflation.  

But at least many of them are at last beginning to see the light.  

Despite all of the President’s finger-pointing and blame-shifting, a new poll (I&I/TIPP) finds that 64 percent identify Biden as responsible for “causing the current inflation.”  Responses ranged from “very responsible” (38 percent) to “somewhat responsible” (26 percent).

Democrats aren’t letting Biden off the hook, either.  The Poll reveals that 53 percent of Democrats blame Biden for today’s inflation.

Drilling down a little closer provides more encouraging news.  More than two out of three surveyed say that excessive government spending “worsens inflation.”

The poll’s sponsors write that the questions asked, “came in response to recent White House claims that uncontrollable forces outside of their policies were to blame for the upsurge in inflation.”

“Biden and his spokespeople have steadfastly denied any responsibility for the surge in inflation and said a recession was ‘not inevitable.’”

The gold and silver professionals at Republic Monetary Exchange have been warning you about all of this loud and clear… about Washington spending, money printing, and Bidenomics!

And now it’s front and center in your life, impossible to miss at the grocery store and at the gas pump.

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