Americans Are Pessimistic of the Economy

13 Feb

Americans Are Pessimistic of the Economy

Americans Aren’t Too Confident as New Poll Bears What You Already Suspected!

Americans are expecting higher inflation, unemployment, and interest rates, according to a new Gallup poll.  

That’s not all.  They also expect slower economic growth and lower stock market prices.  

“The latest results are from the Jan. 2-22 Mood of the Nation poll, which also found that Americans’ confidence in the economy remains low,” reports Gallup.  “The public’s gloomy outlook for the economy was similarly predicted in a November-December Gallup poll that found eight in 10 Americans thought 2023 would be a year of economic difficulty.”

The poll also found that a record-high percentage of respondents are predicting a stock market decline.  According to Gallup, “A record-high 48 percent plurality of U.S. adults now predict the market will fall in the first half of 2023; 18 percent expect that it will remain the same, while 31 percent say it will go up.”

Most of this assessment strikes us as simply realistic.  A trend in force remains a trend in force until it changes.  Gallup concludes “the public is bracing for a 2023 marked by worsening economic conditions.:

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