2021 Predictions

31 Dec

2021 Predictions

Ten Things That Won’t Happen in 2021!

Below are out predictions for the New Year.  Read all ten 2021 predictions and at the end you’ll discover a little surprise about our list!

The Federal Reserve won’t stop managing the monetary system to benefit the banks that created it to serve their interests in the first place.

Foreign central banks won’t increase their dollar holdings, although they will increase their gold holdings.

Congress won’t reduce federal spending; it won’t stop creating trillion-dollar deficits; and it won’t make a serious attempt to reduce the $27.5 trillion debt.

The Washington establishment won’t hold most of its members to the same legal standards that it applies to the ordinary people.

Washington Republicans and Democrats won’t stop trying to divide the people to win elections.  They will, however, concentrate their attention on smaller divisive issues while the fundamental issues of America’s freedom and prosperity go unaddressed.  

The establishment’s lapdog press won’t bother to report accurately on the fate of the dollar.  Nor will their reporting on gold be accurate.

The establishment lapdog press won’t blame the nation’s monetary problems on the Federal Reserve and the nation’s money manipulators.  It will blame the people instead.   

While Washington may commission a study, launch a new bureau, or even appoint a bureaucrat, nothing meaningful will be done about the declining lifespan of the American people. 

Monetary and fiscal policy won’t stop shrinking the American middle class.

In a crisis, you won’t see people standing in line to exchange their gold for paper money like dollars.  It’s always the other way around.

Now here is the surprise…. 

These are the exact same predictions we made last year, at the beginning of 2020.  And the year before that, at the beginning of 2019!  

Well, actually, they aren’t exactly the same.  We have to make a change every year to number 8.  We had to change the national debt to $27.5  trillion.  Last year it was $23 trillion.  This proves the point of the prediction, that Washington won’t stop creating trillion-dollar deficits!

Because these predictions have worked out so well, we dusted them off to re-issue them for 2021.  How accurate do you think these predications will be when we look back on them next year?  

In the meantime, all we can say is to own gold, and have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!